Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network left it to EDR to come up with a mailer concept that would be interactive, fun, and as always, all about the character artwork. The piece needed to introduce the upcoming season of programing options to the Latin market. CN also wanted to include a premium! EDR said,  “OK, easy!” and got to work.

A custom color-me CD uploaded with programming accompanied by an informative ten page guide was just the thing, along with a custom color-me nesting doll set everything was perfectly fit in to a custom box that packed the perfect punch our client needed.


Ellen DeGeneres Show

We have been with Ellen since season one - the only vendor in fact to be with Ellen since her very first taping! Over the years of merchandising Ellen’s stores, we have designed and manufactured an amazing array of apparel and branded merchandise for our favorite funny lady! The challenge, many times, is to be able to produce highly customized pieces in small runs since the show likes to test sales first. Ellen really wanted Wellie’s during Season Three. EDR was able to call on a trusted factory and have a special run of only 250 pairs made vs. the normal 2500 piece minimum at the time. The 250 pair order was eventually repeated 5 times, so we figure in the end that’s 1250 pairs of some pretty happy feet out there on rainy days!


Adult Swim

Adult Swim has some pretty edgy programming and some of the characters – well they are real characters!  So when AS approached us about designing and producing an Aqua Teen Hunger Force retail bath set for the AS Store we knew it would be interesting.  EDR was given the head shot of the character and free rein to design; and the rest, as they say, is history!  The set, which came in a fully printed retail box, set new sales records. Can anyone say reorders!

Betsey Johnson

We have worked with Betsey for years and designed and manufactured for most of her licensees along the way - from Gift with Purchase programs to incentives for sales associates. Working with this brand is always a great time – how can it be anything else with all the fun fancy frills.


Adult Swim

AS came to us several years ago with an idea for a fabulous holiday gift for staff. They wanted a custom replica sailing ship designed - right down to the custom printed flags. AS asked EDR to make small crew members that would represent various characters from the AS shows.  What EDR decided to do was make mini peg people – each meticulously hand painted.  Along with a beautifully printed card and gift box printed in our own facilities this was a holiday gift to remember.


The Hallmark Channel

Every year at Halloween EDR makes a little something special for our friends at the Hallmark Channel. EDR was already busy helping promote another season of The Good Witch for Hallmark, so we suggested this fun keepsake tin which EDR designed exclusively for them. EDR decided it was best to make the custom branded candies here in the US and most economical if we did fulfillment here in house.


Cartoon Network

We were in the room when it happened – someone said nice chair during a meeting with Cartoon Network and Eileen Reade, our founder, said, “yes, that is a nice chair. It’s an iconic and very famous Eames design. Let’s make our own and fully wrap them in the 20th Anniversary artwork, use them at Comic Con and then give them as gifts.” Honestly – people were asking for them all day-every day of the show and one thing lead to another ... in all 100 limited edition chairs were made. And those lucky enough to get one were over the moon!


Stuart Weitzman

When Stuart Weitzman wanted a holiday gift as fun and fabulous as their shoes... well, cookies might not be the first thing you think of. However, these cookie cutters were real cuties and all the rage during the three-week promotion!  The set of 3 custom cutters in clean & simple custom packaging,  along with a few recipe cards with simple how-to tips for the sweetest of holiday treats and voila – another huge success for the EDR team.


Adult Swim

AS wanted to make Black Jesus Bobble Heads for mass market to introduce the new show of the same name.  Little known fact: all bobble heads are not created equal. Since EDR has been at this a long time we have extensive experience with and knowledge of factories all over the world.  We know the best factories to go to for the expertise and quality our clients have come to depend on EDR for.

By the way, Black Jesus has become one of the most sought after bobble heads EVER!



IGT is the largest multinational gaming company that produces slot machines. IGT asked EDR for a conceptual presentation demonstrating the best way to introduce and educate buyers at the casinos to a new line of customizable slots where music and lighting were key elements. And the winner is... EDR designed and manufactured an electronic card that with the push of a button - buyers could demo all options easily and find the perfect mix and match of play options.

Everyone was a winner!


Cartoon Network

When Cartoon Network releases the latest hot DVD box set often they want to develop the perfect gift with purchase for their fans! CN know where to turn and they always turn to EDR. We deliver great quality, under budget and on time. Enough said.


Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you are an Ellen fan you know about Ellen’s love affair with animals, especially her dogs. Ellen asked us to design retail quality pet products for her store. We partnered with a great company here in New England to make our organic cotton leashes and collars and EDR’s fabulous designers delivered the perfect dish set.


Cartoon Network

EDR is never shy when it comes to a challenge. Over the years everyone at EDR has honed their skill of bringing the perfect partners in to help deliver merchandise and promotions beyond our clients wildest dreams. We did not know much about long boarding but our clients at Cartoon Network did, and they wanted boards that not only showed off their artwork but gave them the perfect ride. We surprised them with the custom color 75mm wheels!


Cartoon Network

Over the last decade CN has been one of our most loyal and fun loving clients. So when they approached us for custom molded USB drives and custom painted Jenga game Sets we were once again thrilled to help. However, everyone here loved the Bare Bears so much we kept designing additional concepts. This dinner set for kids was one of the favorites.


Adult Swim

When is a backpack not merely just another bag? When EDR uses the one you found for $275.00 at retail - captures the vibe of the piece, and translates it into the bag of your dreams for a quarter of the cost –as well as printing the lining with your favorite new artwork - right here in our facility in New Jersey, and delivers in 3 weeks!

That’s when.


Cartoon Network

It’s not always simply the idea, it’s the execution.  A pen.  It can be the pen you write with or it can be the pen you write everything with.  Cartoon Network has some of the most talented and interesting people in the industry working for them. CN wanted a pen that could carry their brand art flawlessly, as well as hold the brand recognition they knew people would appreciate.  EDR knew where to go and how to partner with Acme Pen Co. for the brand equity our client needed.

Adult Swim

It’s all about the owl! Or it was in 2014 when Adult Swim started airing an hour earlier in all markets. It was BIG news and EDR was on hand to help spread the word and garnered a lot of press along the way for our hand poured candles, gorgeous down filled pillows, pressed gold leaf journals, handmade wooden clocks and giant owl eggs...

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