It’s easy to call yourself a global agency.
What’s difficult is to deliver like one.

EDR is an independent, creatively driven, product-based marketing agency. We create safe, innovative and relevant premium products that inspire consumers and help make spending time with our client’s brands engaging, worthwhile and fun.

We design and manufacture highly customized, one of a kind premiums and apparel, as well as having an ASI division that offers a full compliment of promotional products and name brand and luxury merchandise.

We’ve expanded our capabilities over the years, enabling us to offer you a whole menu of services from branded products to company stores and everything in between.  That’s the best way for us to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.  It’s what keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Promotional marketing is about more than just putting your logo on cool stuff. It’s a chance to make a tangible connection with your target audience.  We want to make sure your message is heard loud and clear, so our process starts by learning everything we can about your goals and objectives.  Why?  Because a pen is never just a pen. It’s your brand in a client’s hand.  It’s never just the idea – it’s the execution. We do competitive research, attend trade shows, and evaluate trends - going the extra mile to make sure our ideas are creative, innovative and tailored to reinforce your marketing objectives.


Our Mission

To create exceptional, memorable ideas that stand out with industry-shaping leadership. To be noticed for our work, known for our relationships and respected for having the most talented, dedicated people helping to bring brands to their full glory.

In Short, Anything.

Maybe you want something simple. Or specific. Or spectacular. Maybe you don’t even know what you want yet, but you’d like some ideas. Whatever the task, we locate, create and customize the ideal promotional items to speak for your brand. We see products through the entire span of a successful promotion: from concept to design, to production and assembly, to warehousing and – when necessary – even through the trickiest fulfillment.

By owning an active role in every part of the process, we manage the quality control that’s essential to getting a great promotional product successfully into the right hands. Unique knowledge and practice we share with you including Product Safety Regulations, Fair Trade practices, global sourcing and product technology. The highest standards of quality control, with our own proven checks and balances to maintain consistency and on-time delivery. Cost saving strategies such as supplier pricing agreements, direct importing and proactive guidance on how to best plan out a promotional calendar. Full web store capabilities that enable us to easily manage your branded inventory. Through the loyal relationships we’ve developed with vendors, we are able to offer competitive prices on any project or product.

Creative, impactful, and budget conscious, we take brand management and branded merchandise to the next level. Quick turn times. Useful merchandise. Fresh perspectives. Turnkey solutions. It's time to reThink how you tell your brand story. We can help.