Rick and Morty “Rickmobile”

EDR didn’t make the truck but you can bet your bottom dollar we made the cooool stuff in it.

It’s a truck! It’s a store! It’s the world’s biggest Rick! Adult Swim is hitting the road in “the Rickmobile,” a vehicle that will be hauling exclusive Rick and Morty merchandise under its lab coat. You can’t actually take a ride in the Rickmobile, but you can marvel at its magnificence and buy the cutest miniature version EDR made just for the tour!

Check out the dates for the “Don’t Even Trip Roadtrip” pop-up shop tour here; it begins May 11 in Atlanta and will hit pizza parlors, comic-book shops, movie theaters, donut joints, and other fine establishments across America through October (with extended stops at the Comic-Cons in San Diego and New York).

Ellen Hoodie and Cap

It’s the simple things in life that can make all the difference. Like a new favorite hat and hoodie that just make you smile – like these two beauties we made for Ellen recently. They make you happy just like Ellen does.

ELLEN SHOW Happy Hoodie and Cap

Turner Broadcasting

We came across these awesome pictures from our friends at Turner Broadcasting... We made personalized t-shirts for their employees!

Ellen Mug

No matter the size of the job … Ellen always looks to EDR!


Adult Swim

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